Version 1.13.2

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Register JobScheduler objects for collecting events

Events can be sent for multiple JobScheduler. The request remains open until a requested event has been received or a timeout of ~6min is reached. Only one ./event request should be active per browser tab.

Parameters in the POST body schema

Name Type Description Example Default
jobscheduler required, array This collection contains a required jobschedulerId and its objects of interest
The first item of the collection has to be the current jobschedulerId.
objects optional, array Contains the objects of interest where each object has a pathand a type.
If no objects are specified then all event are responsed.
The path can specify only a folder then the optional recursive can be set (default true). Note that the path of an order contains the job chain path and the orderId with a comma as separator
This parameter is not yet considered by the web service.
We are not sure if this parameter make sense.
close optional, boolean This parameter finished a still unresponsed previous request of ./event
It has to be called together with ./logout
"close":false false
eventId optional, string Every response except close=true contains for each jobScheduler a new eventId for the next call.
If the eventId is empty then the web service calculates the eventId.
"eventId":"1480088631000000" false